Ginger Ale Punch

Nothing says celebration like Ginger Ale punch.

Ginger Ale Punch Ginger Ale Punch Ginger Ale Punch

How to Make the Best
Ginger Ale Punch

Nothing says celebration like Ginger Ale punch. This sparkling party-in-a-glass comes in varieties only limited by your imagination, and is great for all ages and all social events. Ginger Ale is a refreshing change from the ever present colas and has a zingy bite due to its ginger component. This drink was first born in 1851 in America and quickly became a rage across the country.
The first generation was a deep golden drink invented by Dr. Thomas Cantrell, an American surgeon and apothecary and has a very strong and spicy ginger flavor. The dry version, used as a mixer, was later developed in Canada by John McLaughlin, a pharmacist and chemist. 
McLaughlin owned a soda water bottling plant and experimented with flavors to add to the sweetened carbonated water. The Ginger Ale from America was dark and strong and he wanted to produce a lighter drink. In 1904 he introduced the "dry" Ginger Ale that we all are so familiar with today, a brand still known as Canada Dry®
During Prohibition, dry Ginger Ale became hugely popular and has stayed well-known throughout the decades. Golden ginger ale can still be found, but it is uncommon and not used as mixers, which you need for Ginger Ale punch. Let's get your party going with some sparking recipes that everyone of all ages can enjoy.

Recipes for Ginger Ale Punch

Lime Surprise - Everyone loves this, kids and adults alike.
•  1 quart of lime sherbert
•  2 liter bottle of ice cold, dry Ginger Ale
Spoon lime sherbert into a large punch bowl and let soften some. Stir and mash with a wooden spoon to get it creamy. Slowly add a glass of Ginger Ale and stir. A wire whisk works well. It will foam up but then calm down. Keep adding in Ginger Ale a little at a time until all has been added. Ladle into cups and enjoy. You can vary this with any flavor of sherbert, but lime is spectacular!
Raspberry Lime with Pineapple
•  2 Liter bottle of raspberry Ginger Ale, cold
•  2 Cups cold pineapple juice
•  1 Cup of thawed limeade concentrate
•  Thin slices of lime for garnish
In a large punch bowl or pitcher, thoroughly combine all ingredients. Ladle into glasses and garnish with a lime slice.
Piña Colada Cooler
•  1 Liter bottle of ginger ale
•  2 - 12 oz cans of frozen white grape juice concentrate - thawed
•  2 - 12 oz cans frozen piña colada mix - thawed
•  6 Cups of ice cold water
•  Lemon and lime slices
In a large punch bowl mix the juices and piña colada mix. Stir in the cold water and mix well. Add in the ginger ale and serve immediately.
Quick Cranberry Fizz
•  2 - 12 oz cans of ice cold Ginger Ale
•  1 - 32 oz bottle of cranberry juice cocktail
•  1 - 6 oz can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed

Mix everything except the Ginger Ale together in a punch bowl. Then add in the ginger ale. Serve over ice.
These are great to get you started. With a little imagination you can invent your own spectacular Ginger Ale punch!